Applying and Getting Accepted


Nearly all schools will seek to interview candidates that have a good chance of being accepted. The formality of the interview and the subject matter it will cover may vary hugely between different institutions. Ensure you have the best chance of succeeding in your application by preparing adequately.

If it has not been made clear, ask the school about the formality and subjects likely to be covered at interview.

Carry out mock interviews with trusted friends or associates and polish your answers to common questions. Clearly explain why you want to do an MBA at that particular institution. Practise actively listening to questions and adjusting your answers slightly if necessary. Strive to be yourself and give answers that largely convey your true feelings. This will ultimately ensure that you join a programme that is suitable to your own qualities and aspirations.

Prepare relevant questions to ask the interviewer to demonstrate your interest in the programme. Ensure your questions cover subject matter where the information is not already available such as on the schools website, otherwise your questions might convey a clear lack of interest and preparation.



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