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1.0 Introduction to the MBA Qualification

2.0 Selecting a Business School

3.0 Applying and Getting Accepted

4.0 Doing the MBA Course

5.0 Life after your MBA




Applying and Getting Accepted

What qualifications and experience do I need to get in?

Most schools require a student to have completed an undergraduate degree and to have gained a certain number of years (for example five) of professional working experience.

The subject matter of your first degree doesn't necessarily need to be related to business, although it does need to be reputable within its field.

Many schools actively seek to attract MBA students from diverse academic backgrounds as this can provide a much greater insight and understanding of business for all students on the course.

It is very rare for business schools to accept students who do not have several years of professional working experience. It is known that students with experience learn the techniques and tools taught on an MBA course quicker because they can relate it to easier.

If your past academic achievements or professional experiences are short of what is normally required to gain entry, determine if you have other significant substitutional qualities or experiences to offer that are as equally valid. These might not be obvious at first but analyse all your experiences closely and draw out the positives.