3.0 Applying to Getting Accepted into a Business School

As the cost of doing an MBA course varies from country to country, and school to school, so does the process for gaining entry.

It is not surprising that popular schools with high rankings and good reputations are difficult to get into and many want to preserve these barriers to entry in order to increase their desirability to potential students. They can pick and choose whom they accept as they often receive many more applications than they have places available. If you are aiming to secure a place at such an institution you will need to meet their stringent entry criteria in several ways. 

The majority of schools use some, and sometimes all, of the following to assess candidates:

3.1 The GMAT

3.2 The TOEFL

3.3 Past Academic Achievements

3.4 Essays

3.5 Application Forms

3.6 Interviews

3.7 Personal References

3.8 What qualifications and experience do I need to get in?




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