Doing the MBA Course

Achieving the required academic standard

Given the range of core and elective subjects studied during an MBA course it is not uncommon that an average student will perform strong in some and struggle in others.

Some schools require students to pass all subjects at a certain grade for an MBA to be awarded. Others might allow reduced performance in certain subjects providing that an overall average grade is attained.

Check whether your prospective school has a flexible approach to assessing academic performance.

All reputable business schools seek students that have the potential to succeed. That said, on occasions a student's performance may not reflect their potential and they might be required to leave the course. You can improve your chances of attaining success by working to improve any particular weaknesses in advance of starting your MBA course. Contact your selected school and obtain a list of recommended text-books. Use these to breach any gaps in your knowledge and get ahead of the game.  If you have been accepted at an institution that is highly academic and is very popular then you might find yourself behind you peers from the start if you do not do this.



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