Doing the MBA Course

Order in which Core and Elective subjects are taught

At some schools it is expected that you will progress through the different classes on core and elective subjects in the same sequence, and at the same time, as other students.

This is particularly beneficial for the development of peer learning groups. Certain individuals may be more knowledgeable or experienced in particular areas, and will be able to guide and help the group learn quicker as a whole.

Whilst this "in-step" subject progression does have benefits it allows no flexibility. It may result in certain students having periods of unbalanced learning demands i.e a year of relatively easy learning followed by a year of stressful learning.

Should anyone fall out of step for any reason, they might be faced with having to take an extended break from the course whilst waiting to rejoin the next intake as it catches up.

Check with your prospective school whether the courses are taught in a strict order or whether they operate a flexible approach. It is advantageous to balance the learning-demand placed on yourself at any one time if you can i.e take courses you know something about alongside ones you know nothing about.

Check whether peer study groups are formally assigned, or whether it is left to the students to group themselves ad-hoc.

If you have to take a break from the course for any reason, check the time limit during which you have to complete it to gain your MBA. Usually, this is a period of several years but it is worth knowing just in case.



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