Introduction to the MBA Qualification

Is there a typical MBA student?
A couple of decades ago a typical new MBA student might have been characterized as an ambitious manager working within a large corporation who had embarked on the degree full-time in order to attain a senior level position within the same industry. 

Although the majority of MBA students probably still fall into this general description, two further types of typical MBA students are now very much in evidence and there numbers are growing rapidly.

The first group are business professionals who are seeking general skills to enable them to work in alternative industries to those that they have gained experience in.

The second group are individuals who are planning to set-up their own businesses post qualification. This may be in an industry that they have been employed in already, or in a field that they have a personal interest.

Significantly, it is estimated that over 30% of MBA's start their own businesses within five years of graduating.

As the range of MBA courses and delivery formats has grown and broadened, so it has become much more difficult to define a typical MBA student.



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