Introduction to the MBA Qualification

What different formats of MBA are available?

Part-time on Campus
Students attend regular teaching lectures and seminars in person outside of normal working hours such as during evenings and weekends.

Modular on Campus
Students attend regular teaching lectures and seminars in person for an extended period of time, such as a week or two, taking time off from their normal employment.

Distance Learning
Students largely study the course content at home, visiting the Campus only occasionally to attend lectures and seminars.

Many part-time MBA courses will usually combine aspects of all three of these part-time methods. Undoubtedly, the greatest development concerning part-time methods, and in particular for the distance learning MBA format, has been the utilisation of the internet.  The teaching staff can easily disseminate course materials, and the students can interact on-line with each other replicating many aspects of face-to-face classroom discussion. It is quite conceivable that distance learning with the aid of high-level communication technology will emerge as the dominant method of studying for an MBA in the 21st Century.

Check with your selected institution about their plans for online learning.

Many schools will allow students to alternate between pure distance learning and attending lectures in person on a part-time basis. Check if this is available at your selected institution.



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