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1.0 Introduction to the MBA Qualification

2.0 Selecting a Business School

3.0 Applying and Getting Accepted

4.0 Doing the MBA Course

5.0 Life after your MBA


Introduction to the MBA Qualification

What time commitment is required to do an MBA?

Full-time programs are attended over the course of one or two years as though they are a place of work. Time pressures tend to be greatest for those undertaking part-time courses over several years whilst balancing the demands of employment and family commitments.

Most distance learning MBA programmes require an average of around twelve hours a week and usually more when preparing for deadlines or exams.

Distance learners should identify what periods of the day or week are most productive for them and fit around their other commitments. Certain individuals may work best in the early morning, whilst other find late-night sessions productive. Before embarking on a distance learning MBA programme it is worthwhile really analysing and recording any spare time during your whole week. You might be quite surprised, by the amount of time you actually have at your disposal.