Introduction to the MBA Qualification

What will I learn on an MBA course?
Virtually all MBA courses comprise of three elements:

1)Core subjects of Business
Organizational Behaviour
Quantitative Analysis
Strategic Planning
Operational Management

2)Elective Subjects of Business

The choice available varies from institution to institution

3)An extended Business Project

The student must utilise skills learnt to conduct a project with business value.

These three elements only form the academic backbone of the MBA qualification. Beyond that, MBA students often benefit greatly from learning a host of soft skills invaluable to success in business such as teamwork and communication, as well as developing their own qualities such as perseverance and time management.

Will what I learn become obsolete?
As knowledge moves forward and new theories and techniques are developed it is very likely that some of what you learn will become obsolete after a number of years.

Many business schools now run short "refresher courses" available to past MBA graduates. In some institutions they are offered free, whilst in others they are fee-based. Check with your preferred school as to arrangements.



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