1.0 Introduction to the MBA Qualification

1.1 What does MBA stand for?

1.2 When did MBA’s first originate?

1.3 How do you get an MBA qualification?

1.4 What different formats of MBA are available?

1.5 Is there a typical MBA student?

1.6 What will I learn on an MBA course?

1.7 Why do people seek an MBA qualification?

1.8 What does it cost to do an MBA?

1.9 Obtaining financial help with the cost of your MBA course

1.10 What time commitment is required to do an MBA?

1.11 What financial benefits can be gained?



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1.0 Introduction to the MBA Qualification

2.0 Selecting a Business School

3.0 Applying and Getting Accepted

4.0 Doing the MBA Course

5.0 Life after your MBA