Life after your MBA

Post Graduation Career Services

The majority of business schools offer career assistance, but as with alumni activities the difference between institutions can be huge.

Some schools have very strong relationships with particular employers, or with a number of companies in certain industries.

They may actively promote their students to companies and vice-versa. Some may offer career help only for the immediate time period after graduating, whilst others see it as a truly life-long service.

Contact your preferred school and ask them about their career services and for what time period they support their students.

If you are planning on working for a particular company ask if they have an existing relationship and become familiar with the specifics on how they might be able to help you.

Be aware that if you are receiving sponsorship from your current employer to study for an MBA, sometimes the career services available to you might be limited due to an agreement between your company and the business school.

Check whether such an agreement, be it formal or informal, affects you.




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