Selecting a Business School

Assessing the Course Content

All MBA courses cover certain Core subjects to begin with, and any school literature should explain concisely what they are, and to what level you will be required to study them.

You may already be more familiar with some more than others through previous study or work experience. If you consider yourself an expert in the majority of them reconsider your motivations for doing an MBA.

Once you have demonstrated a degree of proficiency in the core subjects, you will embark on a set of Electives. The depth and breadth of choice of elective subjects can vary enormously from school to school, largely depending on the specialisations of staff members. This is where you need to carry out your own research on what electives are on offer for each school , particularly if you plan to become a specialist yourself, or work in a particular field.

If you are planning to study for a particular specialisation, ensure that particular electives will still be available should any members of the teaching staff move to another institution.

Unless you have made an agreement with a sponsor to carry out a particular piece of work, the subject matter for your in-depth project is normally your decision providing it has business merit. If you already have a clear idea on what you might investigate, and if it is very unusual, you might want to find out if any business school academics share your interest. This may be a factor in which school you apply to, but as with the electives, do not let it be your sole reason.

Browse online depositories of academic papers and journals if you have an interest in something unusual that you want to study as part of your MBA.



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