Selecting a Business School

How much are the tuition fees?

Reduced staff overheads usually mean that the Distance Learning format is nearly always the cheapest way of obtaining an MBA.  In the UK for example, where Distance Learning is well established and very popular, the fees are around 60% of those charged for full-time courses. With online learning rapidly gaining ground in the US and in continental Europe, it can be expected that similar pricing differentials will be seen. Often, Modular MBA’s are the most expensive driven by the cost of facilitating lectures during evenings and weekends.

Total Course Tuition Fees 

Least expensive        Most expensive       Average   

US Full-time:
40,000 USD           90,000 USD              60,000 USD

US Part-Time ( Evenings/ Weekends/ Modular )
35,000 USD         140,000 USD              90,000 USD

US ,Distance Learning
30,000 USD         90,000 USD               45,000 USD

UK Full-time:
5,000  GBP           30,000 GBP             15,000 GBP

UK Part-Time( Evenings/ Weekends/ Modular )
7,000 GBP            25,000 GBP             12,000 GBP

UK Distance Learning
3,000 GBP            15,000 GBP               8,000 GBP

When selecting a course check with the business school how and when they expect tuition fees to be paid. At some schools you pay for each module studied separately, whilst others may expect you to pay lump sums at the start of each academic term or year.

Ask your selected business school if they will accept stage payments rather than a lump sum. This will spread the cost of the course and you may be able to gain interest on any intermediate surplus.

It is not uncommon that "tutition fees" may also cover items such as text-books, meals, accommodation charges, foreign trip expenses and the provision of a computer.

Get a clear understanding what the tuition fees actually cover. If you feel that you could find a cheaper laptop computer for example, ask if your "tuition fees" can be adjusted accordingly.

Many textbooks can be bought cheaply using on-line retailers such as Amazon, and they'll conveniently deliver them direct to your door. Alternatively, search for books you need on EBAY – you may be surprised what you'll find.

If you are enrolled on a course that has its faculty based in another country, check if you can pay in an alternative currency and take advantage of any exchange rate benefits. 



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