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1.0 Introduction to the MBA Qualification

2.0 Selecting a Business School

3.0 Applying and Getting Accepted

4.0 Doing the MBA Course

5.0 Life after your MBA




Selecting a Business School

Is the schools reputation important?

Firstly, it is important to distinguish between importance to you, or importance to other people. Many students embark on MBA courses without addressing this fundamental question.

It basically boils down to what you hope to do after you have completed your MBA. If you plan to start your own business then attending a business school with a very high reputation may not be the most logical move. Reputation often manifests itself in the cost of tuition and you might want to save what seed capital you can to start your business.

If you are a hoping to work in a certain field then it is important that you seek out the institutions that have a reputation connected with it. Many less well-known business schools have differentiated themselves by becoming world leaders in specialized subjects.

If you are hoping to gain employment with a particular company determine which business schools they actively recruit from. Some companies might operate quite stringent recruitment policies that may be "unwritten rules", whilst others may not be so choosy.