Selecting a Business School

MBA Fairs
Many business schools actively promote their services in person to potential students all over the world through large exhibitions. These are held in many major cities annually with representatives from all major schools in attendance. They are an excellent way of gaining an appreciation of their respective services in a relatively short period of time. The largest "travelling roadshow" is organised by TopMBA and the schedule is published several months in advance.

Check the fair schedule at TopMBA to see if there is an exhibition that you can visit. If you do plan to attend one of these exhibitions do some homework on which schools you are most interested in. These fairs are always busy so if possible arrange in advance to speak with a representative to enable you to spend your time effectively.  (Do not be put of from finding out more about a school should an initial encounter be less than encouraging. A reaction from a single person does not indicate whether an MBA course can meet your needs).

Printed Literature
Many schools will only be too happy to send you information about themselves and their MBA courses. Get in contact with them via email or telephone.

There are also several books that comprehensively list details about MBA courses throughout the world. Order them online and browse at your leisure.



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