Selecting a Business School

Method of Assessment
The majority of accredited business schools still largely use formal written examination papers to assess a studentís knowledge of core and elective subjects. Coursework elements are also used, but their contribution to a grade of performance is usually minor.

Major projects of extended duration are a feature of the majority of MBA courses. The student is normally required to write up an account of the project and produce a bound thesis. This is usually assessed by internal and external examiners and graded in terms of originality, application of techniques and tools learnt during the course, and understanding of findings in a business context.

If you have a particular aversion to a method of assessment select a school which operates it the least, but bear in mind that accreditation of an MBA course may be directly linked to the level of assessment carried out by written examination.

Many distance learning MBA courses allow you to sit formal examinations in a controlled environment convenient to your home. Typically, this may be another academic institution or a governmental office. Check with your selected institution if this can be arranged.



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