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Selecting a Business School

Planning a visit to a Business School

Even though you may have already decided to study for an MBA by distance learning, a visit to a business school will add vital pieces to the whole picture of what an institution has to offer.

If the cost and time required is not prohibitive plan a visit to several schools. After all, you are planning on making a significantly larger financial investment and time commitment when you start your MBA.

It is difficult to truly the assess the merits of somewhere without a comparison to alternatives. You might choose to visit schools with vastly differing characteristics such as small versus large, or urban versus rural.

It is highly advisable that you arrange your visit to be during term time, allowing you to speak with a number of staff and current students.

Try to resist making judgements about a school based on encounters with only a few people their behaviour or views might not be those of the majority.

If possible arrange to sit in with some lectures to get a feel for the place and the teaching standards. Take your time and if necessary plan a further visit.

Before visiting a business school in person a large amount of information about a place can be gleaned from promotional brochures and the internet. Use this as a basis to draw up a list of things that you can ask questions about and assess during your visit.