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Selecting a Business School

Teaching Methods
Two main types of teaching methods are generally practised within business schools.

The first is what may be regarded as the “traditional method”. The school staff give lectures to a group of students of variable size who take notes whilst absorbing the theory. This is often followed up by tutorials and seminars where students apply their understanding in response to particular problems.

The second method is what has long been practised at many renowned business schools and is known as the “case method”. Individually, or as a group, students study a business situation and often it is one that has actually occurred in real life. Using intuition and skills they may already possess they will analyse the situation and determine an appropriate course of action.

These recommendations may then be put into “practise” via simulations and the effects measured. Comparing simulated outcomes to those that may have been seen in reality indicates strongly whether their knowledge needs improving. Students might then reformulate their recommendations to demonstrate their understanding of the lessons learnt and their application of relevant tools and techniques.

This type of teaching has not been popular for many distance learning MBA courses in the past as it particularly effective when working in groups. The growth of the internet now means that group sessions can now be held online in real time.

Find out what type of teaching methods are used within your selected school. Perhaps arrange to  participate in both types of sessions to determine what might be more appealing and productive for yourself.