Selecting a Business School

What is a school's ranking and how important is it?

Ranking tables are compiled annually by a number of publications in an attempt to quantify which schools are "better" than others. The two most popular ranking tables are those done by the Financial Times in the UK and Business Week in the US. The Financial Times uses a range of indices such as the salary increase of students, whilst Business Week uses data based largely on the opinions of prospective students, past students and recruiters.  As both systems ultimately rely on subjective weighting to determine the subjective measurable of "best", prospective MBA students should consider a range of factors when deciding which school would be best for them.

Consult the different ranking tables available and understand what it is they are actually measuring and whether it affects your situation. Consider a schools ranking position as a guideline only. Consider that the atmosphere of an institution, the helpfulness of staff and the social life for MBA students is not something that can accurately be reflected in ranking tables.



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