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Selecting a Business School

Why are some MBA courses accredited and some not?

There are three bodies that accredit business schools.

They are AMBA based in the UK, EQUIS based in Belgium, and GMAC based in the US.

Accreditation means that the teaching methods and facilities at a school have passed a predetermined assessment level. The majority of business schools in the world are accredited by at least one of these bodies. However, as business schools have to pay these bodies to be assessed there are still a significant number of institutions that are not accredited. This is more common when an institution may be offering an MBA with a particular specialisation. In such cases, students are likely to be drawn to study at that school because of the specialisation, and accreditation is not considered important.

If your select institution is not accredited and the MBA course is not specialised consider carefully if their teaching methods and facilities meet your requirements. Ask them directly if there is a specific reason they are not accredited.