2.0 Selecting a Business School

2.0 Is the schools reputation important?

2.1 What is a school's ranking and how important is it?

2.2 Why are some MBA courses accredited and some not?

2.3 Is geographical location important?

2.3 How much are the tuition fees?

2.4 What about application & enrolment fees?

2.5 Planning a visit to a Business School

2.6 Assessing the Course Content

2.7 Foreign Study Trips

2.8 Teaching Methods

2.9 Method of Assessment

2.10 MBA Fairs and Printed Literature



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1.0 Introduction to the MBA Qualification

2.0 Selecting a Business School

3.0 Applying and Getting Accepted

4.0 Doing the MBA Course

5.0 Life after your MBA